"Offering a Discounted Commission, Handling the Logistics and Helping
You Get Your Home Show Ready.., That's What Makes Me Unique."
  Mark Purser
Recognized As One Of The Best Realtors In Utah - Mark Purser Ranked #1 in Sales Volume When Compared To Utah Real Estate Agents In Utah County During 2017
Listen To What Others Are Saying About Mark &
Why Mark Is Different From Other Utah Real Estate Agents
"We Knew Right Away..., That He Was The Guy That We Needed"
Paul & LeeAnn from Pleasant Grove, Utah - After asking Mark for a FREE BPO (Broker Price Opinion), they were so impressed, that they hired Mark to both sell their existing  home and help find their next home!

"...Whenever we asked for help, or had a question, he seemed to always be on our side."
"We Begin With A BPO!"  -  Broker Price Opinion
Not just any Home Evaluation..., but as one of the best Realtors in Utah, Mark's BPO combines his real estate & marketing expertise along with housing data and current market conditions. 

In addition, Mark's BPO factors in any special features and the current condition of your home to help establish an excellent starting point in marketing your home for sale.  Utah real estate agents just can't offer a BPO, as you need to be a licensed Utah Real Estate Broker!
3 HUGE Benefits Mark Offers Each Of His Clients
When They List Their Utah Home For Sale With Mark!
"I'm Going To Offer You
A Discounted Commission..."
Mark understands that selling your house can be stressful and sometimes frustrating, with a number of unforeseen expenses that come into play which can be hard to predict and hard to afford depending on your circumstances. 

Thus, Mark would like to lighten this financial burden for homeowners when selling their home and offers each of his clients a discounted commission!

This way, you can start off with a financial cushion and not have to sweat the small stuff.  Mark believes "...Passing on a discount, making it more affordable to you..." is a great way to start a relationship with each of his clients.  
"I'm Going To Help You With The Logistics Of Selling Your Home"
Interestingly, most people have too much stuff. In addition, most potential buyers have a hard time seeing and visualizing how & what your home would look like, with their personal belongings.

One of the best ways to "de-clutter" your home is to start moving your miscellaneous belongings out of your home asap and into a Personal Storage Container aka: POD!  

Mark will schedule and pay for a POD to be dropped off at your home so that you can begin tidying up your home fast!

This will create a "Win-Win" situation for you! 1) It will help potential buyers to visualize their furnishings in your home, and 2) i
t will help save you time and money while moving!
"I'm Going To Help You
Get Your Home - Show Ready..."
Believe it or not, most homeowners still have items or issues that need to be addressed even though they find themselves faced with the necessity to, or the desire to sell their home.

Fortunately..., Mark is different! As he truly cares about selling your home!  And to prove that, Mark offers a complimentary service which will help get your home "Show Ready"! 

Mark offers this complimentary service to many of his clients where he'll help pay the cost of addressing various issues that will otherwise make a would-be buyer hesitant.

This in turn will help your home become "Show Ready" more quickly, and turn those picky "tire- kickers" into "Eager Buyers"! 
As One Of The Best Realtors In Utah, 
Mark Makes Selling Your Utah Home Look Easy...
"He Listed on Saturday
 And We Had An Offer Monday"
Dan & Traci from Utah County listed their home on their own as a - For Sale By Owner (aka: FSBO ) - for about a month but with no offers. Then they requested a FREE BPO from Mark.

"Our need was to sell our house quickly" "...And he listened to exactly what we needed."

"I have recommended him to our friends because he's easy to work with, because he listens, because he is on the ball..., and he knows what he's doing."
"He Sold Us Our House, and Helped Us Sell Another One."
Listen to what Franklin & Kathleen from Lindon, had to say about why they used Mark to sell both their Utah home and buy their current home PLUS sell their daughter's condo!

"I guess the thing that's the most intriguing about him is how he..., he just makes you feel at ease, and he makes complex things simple."

"...He just came in and did everything he said he was going to do."
"The Best Realtor..., And The 
Nicest Guy 
I Think I've Ever Met"
Mark helped Doug & Cathie find a home in Cedar Hills.  Find out what they had to say about their previous experience..., and why they were so blown away in working with Mark.

"The most honest..., professional guy I think I've ever met..., and he stands behind his word!"

"I'd recommend him to anybody..., even people that I don't like!" "...I have recommended him to people..., even the ones I didn't like!"
As Many Utah Real Estate Agents Have Learned..,
The Best Realtors In Utah Work Hard..., and Play Hard!
"Utah Is 'RAD'!..."
Mark is one of the smartest and hardest working Utah real estate agents in both Utah and Salt Lake County.

However, when he is not working hard..., he is playing hard!

From spending time with his wife and 4 sons camping, hiking and repelling in one of Utah's many canyons, or exploring one of Utah's 5 National Parks, Mark loves to see the beauty Utah has to offer.

In addition, he attends his son's Taekwondo & tennis  tournaments, football & soccer games as well as loves to spend time volunteering with the local scouts.  All of which helps Mark realize what life is all about.

But as one recent client stated about Mark, "...The best thing about Mark..., is his wife - Becky!" 
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