Mark Purser
Burke Briant Real Esate, LLC
Passionate About Helping Homeowners Sell Their Home, Mark Purser Loves To 
Work Hard and Play Hard!
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Mark Purser had a vision, some may say it started from when he was helping his dad build their family home when he was just 6 years old when he first picked up the hammer? 

Or some may say it started when he was in college overseeing some of the construction projects on the college campus in Idaho.

But I think his vision unfolded most and took the largest steps forward when he actually started selling homes.  This helped Mark realize his passion and satisfaction he obtains for helping others reach their goals and experience this new chapter in their lives.
Fast forward to today, Mark has a passion for life!

He works incredibly hard in helping clients sell their Utah homes, even when they themselves don’t believe their home will sell, but he also believes in playing hard too!

Yep, that's him on the left, crazy Mark!  If you look close enough, right side of the waterfall, Mark is repelling down one of Utah's beautiful canyons. 

He's definitely passionate about playing hard which may help explain why he is so incredibly passionate about working hard at helping his clients sell their homes too!
From Snowmobiling in the winter months, to spending time camping and hiking with his family. Mark loves Utah!

In fact, he likes to play so hard, he believes why look at the beautiful landscapes of Utah, when you can repel down the side of them and actually touch them!
This passion, Mark has applied to servicing his clients both home Sellers and Buyers. 

Doing everything in his power to help his clients have the very best experience ever when selling their home, to helping Buyers find the house they will easily call home, Mark is truly passionate about life and spending time with his family.

But what makes Mark special, is that he has this very unique ability to apply this same passion for life, to the passion he has when he is helping his clients sell or buy their next Utah home.

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